Osteopathy is a healing method in which one assume that physical symptoms may be caused by the loss of movement, including bones, organs and parts of the skull. This loss of movement can occur after (e.g.) a fall, surgery, difficult delivery, poor diet, an inflammatory reaction, etc. Prolonged emotional stress can also be a tension change of the organs and their supporting tissue to cause a loss of mobility.

Osteopathy has a number of principles:
• Structure and function are related to each other
• The arterial rule: an optimal blood flow results in the possibility of an optimal function
• It is all about body movement: movement initiated by muscular labour, movement initiated by the heartbeat, movement by changes in the brain fluids and the blood flow through the venous sinuses in the skull

Due to the training of the osteopath’s hands, the osteopath is able to sense nearly every structure within the human body, and where necessary improve it. By restoring mobility, the osteopath stimulates the self-healing ability of the body, which influences the symptoms.